Enjoy pictures of Young Life Virginia Beach students enjoy the best week of their lives at summer camp!
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Mackenzie, Claire, and Jenna getting ready for the greatest dance party ever at Rockbridge!
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Mimi, Mariela, Kaitlyn, Robyn, Alyssa and Alyssa resting after going on the ropes course!
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The FC Girls put on their "party animal" uniforms for the weekly volleyball tournament at camp.  The girls walked away as the Champions this year.
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Mimi Albano, Mackenzie Kattwinkel, and Claire Carlson took a time out to pose for a picture!
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Some FC Young Life guys strutting their stuff on the boardwalk at Rockbridge!
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Warren Smith and Adam Myers are anxiously awaiting the doors to open for lunch at Rockbridge!
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Zach, Warren, and Spencer maintain their good looks while climbing through the trees at Rockbridge!
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FC Guys dressed up as Braveheart characters for the all-camp volleyball tournament.
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Some FC Guys and Girls waiting for their delicious dinner at Rockbridge.
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